Sleepless In Seattle

“It rains 9 months out of the year in Seattle.” David Hyde Pierce, Sleepless in Seattle

So I’m thinking you already guessed what this blog was about. You probably guessed it right on the nose. (In all seriousness you probably read the title.)

Yes, that’s right-Seattle! This was my 5th visit. Everytime I go I just get more and more excited to see this beautiful city.

I saw things like this:




And This:


People like this live here



And this. (Frasier is one of my favorite’s!)




There is so much to this beautiful city! The aquarium, Pike Place Market, Lake Union, Mt Ranier, throwing of the fish, mountains, and the list goes on and on.

I could definitely live there someday. It’s so full of life.

And very beautiful.

Does anyone out there watch Frasier or Sleepless In Seattle What do you think of Seattle? Would you like to visit?

DeeDee’s Pictures

So this has nothing to do with movies or tv but another blogger has asked me to put up a picture of my dog, DeeDee. Not to brag or anything, but she is the best dog in the world!

I do have another picture of DeeDee walking in the snow in one of my blog posts, but these are a little bit better.:)



A Pioneer and Really Yummy Food


Frozen Pizza, frozen lasagna, frozen alfredo, fruit, vegetables, carrots, and so on.

What do these things have in common? This is my daily lunch menu. And I’m pretty darn sure you are absolutely blown away by my variety of foods I’ve chosen for my diet.

However, I can make shortbread and meltaway cookies. (I like to mix it up a little).

Shortbread and Meltaway cookies are pretty easy and quick to make. They each have about 5 step directions, for I am a very busy girl and don’t really have all that much time to cook or bake.

I do have time to watch tv though! Surprised? Thought so.

One of the shows I have recently started watching is Pioneer Woman. (Sigh, thanks mom).

Now, I usually do not watch any tv show about food. (Well, ok. I do watch Rachael Ray. But she has celebrities on her show and it’s pretty fun to watch on a day off from work when your nose is runny and you feel like poo).

Pioneer Woman is unlike any other food show. It brings out my inner most thoughts and dreams of living on a farm and owning horses that, sadly, I will most likely never have. But it’s pretty fun watching her and her family ride horses, cook all the yummy food in her really big, huge, amazing house, (which by the way, she owns another house, which I’m sure is just as really big, huge, and amazing.). Ahhhh, the joys of being a famous cook on tv.

Do you ever cook? What is your specialty or favorite dessert to eat ?

Do You Hear The People Sing?

The first time I ever heard of Les Mis, I was a freshman in high school.

“We are going to play Les Mis music for the spring concert,” my Orchestra teacher remarked. I remember looking down at my violin and thinking, “what in the world is Les Mis music?”


So we got the music and practiced and practiced. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t like it at all. I thought the music was rather odd in my opinion and not very pretty. (Seriously, what the heck was I thinking???)

For our performance, we played in a huge gym. We finished playing and I put up my violin and went to go find my parents’. I then got stopped by a mother of a boy who was in the concert. She told me she just adored the music of Les Mis we were playing and that it was so beautiful!

I thought to myself, hmmm, I guess it is kinda pretty. The next year I ended up buying the soundtrack to the broadway musical, (side note: this was pre Les Mis 2012. You know, the movie with Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, etc….)

I all at once, fell in love with the beautiful music and could not believe I had not liked the music the year before. I listened to it a lot then and listen to it a lot now. It makes my ears very happy….

If you have only ever heard the movie soundtrack to Les Mis I encourage you to listen to the broadway version! It’s just as amazing if not better.

When is the first time you heard the Les Mis music? Have you seen the broadway show? What did you think of the movie?

Jurassic Park in 3D and Many Memories


The fact that Jurassic Park (1993) is coming out in theaters once again for its 20th anniversary in April in 3D, thrills me to my very fingertips. (Insert excited yelp here. Yapowza!!!)

Everyone I knew was just aching to see this movie when it first came out in the theaters, including my family. (Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of dinosaurs get lose from the dinosaur compound and try to eat people?)

Me, however? I was curious about it but I remember thinking to myself, I’ll go but I know if I see it I’m going to get very scared and have nightmares for weeks, as young girls do at times.

We ended up seeing it of course, and I reluctantly decided to go. Surprisingly, I ended up loving it and it became one of my favorite movies. And I was also nightmare free….

Getting it on VHS for Christmas that year, (yes, I’m that old), was very exciting for a young girl. I quickly began to love the character Lex and started quoting all her lines from the movie.

“Are we going to hit that?”
“I’m a hacker.”
“I am not a computer nerd I prefer to be called a hacker.”
“He left us! He left us!!”
Oh, the fun I had….

Oh, and this is good! I would actually practice making the same facial expressions just as Lex did pretending to run away from the invisible dinosaurs that were chasing me!

My sister would get quite amused at me and would proceed to say, “Stop trying to act like Ariana Richards!” Sigh. I guess she didn’t understand my little acting dreams.

Ah, those were the days….

Who’s going to see Jurassic Park in the movie theater? If you are reluctant to see it, just remember, it is a Steven Spielberg flick. So the movie will be well made. And if that doesn’t help your decision, the soundtrack is so beautiful! Happy movie watching!

Guest Blogging About New Girl

My friend asked if she could write something about New Girl on my blog. I told her, “yes” very quickly. She is such a good writer. So Talia, your wish is my command…..:)


Hello readers of stephinthescreentime. Thank you for having me today. I imagine myself on a big stage in front of all of you preparing to read off a speech I had planned….and totally freaking out. I guess it’s good that all I have to do is type on this here marvel of modern technology. And it’s a good thing too, because I have something very important to say.


You know of the hit TV show New Girl? Okay, I need to correct that….in a whispered tone, “I love Nick Miller.”

There, now maybe my husband won’t be so upset.

Okay, so I was checking my Facebook today when I came across a post from the New Girl Facebook site that asked “Would you use Nick’s ‘nicely vintage’ porta potty?” I must say my instant reaction was one that I had to pray forgiveness for and I found myself realizing what a great character Nick is.

More than anything, the world roots for an underdog. Don’t get me wrong, us women and -gay men- want a hot guy. I was lucky enough to find one so I won’t be trading in. But that doesn’t keep me from preferring the television and movie stars I watch to be steamy. Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson, isn’t a guy that would stand out from a crowded bar scene. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t know who he was and you saw him on the street, you may even speed up a bit wondering if he’s a sordid character. His disheveled appearance mixed with his slightly gruff personality, resembles the guy asking for money on the street at times. Luckily, we get to have more insight into his character.

Take the pilot episode for example. Thinking back to when I first started watching this show, I don’t remember thinking that Nick and Jess were bound to be an item instantaneously. I remember the idea sneaking up on me. But now that I go back and rewatch some of the episodes (especially the Pilot), I worry I may be clueless. From the very first episode, Nick Miller was a man of impeachable, but still weird, character. He stood up for Jess against her ex-boyfriend, left the girl he was hung up on to rescue Jess from being stood up on her first date after being dumped, and then to top things off, he started the “Time of my Life” serenade in the middle of the fancy restaurant. Even in the pilot episode he was protective and made grand gestures that no real man would ever do. I guess it’s a good thing he’s a television character then, huh?

So, to answer the question asked by New Girl, yes, I probably would use Nick’s porta potty; because like Jess, I’ve fallen under Nick Miller’s spell.

What do you think of Nick and Jess as a couple? Do you think the smooch ruined their relationship for good?

My Favorite Shows Are Being Renewed

I wanted to post about a few things I recently heard that made me smile, smile, smile, and smile some more!

1. Both New Girl and The Mindy Project have been renewed for another season! Yes! More of Mindy’s awkward dates and a perhaps relationship with Nick and Jess.

2. Mad Men is beginning it’s sixth season on April 7! Mad Men is an AMC original series about men working in the advertising world during the 1960s. If this particular show does not sound like your cup of tea, you would surely enjoy a look at the beautiful costumes. (Trust me.)
Set your DVRs for Sunday nights. This is such a good show. My favorite if I may say so…..

Do you ever watch these shows?