Cheers and Second Chances

Watching the tv show Cheers makes me happy. And why shouldn’t it? In my opionion, the writing is impeccable and funny, the acting superb, and the chemistry? Sigh, the chemistry. Everytime I try to watch an episode on Netflix, my Wii remote mysteriously seems to land on an episode of Sam and Diane “dancing” around each other. There is so much chemistry between the actors Ted Danson and Shelley Long, you could see fireworks in the sky.

But this little gem of a tv show almost got cancelled during it’s first season because of low ratings. Scary thought, huh?
If Cheers had not continued, there never would have been a Woody, a Rebecca, a Kelly, or even Frasier! And can you possibly even imagine this? The tv show Frasier would have never even existed! Oh, the horror!

So, naturally, watching Cheers got me thinking of tv shows that were brilliant and worthy of awards. But because of one reason or another, they never had a fighting chance to stay on tv.

For me that tv show is Trust Me. Never heard of it? Didn’t think so. It only lasted 13 episodes.
Will McCormack from Will and Grace fame ring a bell? Monica Potter from Parenthood? Tom Cavanaugh from the tv show Ed?

Trust Me is a show that appeared on television in early 2009. It was set in Chicago and involved relationships and advertising. It was funny, smart, and quite witty. And (to answer your question) it absolutely had lots and lots of chemistry.

Now, I know it may sound a tad familiar. Something like Mad Men perhaps? But I used to think to myself, heck, if there can be many Law and Orders and CSIs, why can’t there be another advertising show? Apparently, TNT had other plans.

Still saddens me to this day it got cancelled. I was really looking foward to more brilliant pitches from the boys from Rothman, Green and Moore, and a possible love affair between Mason McGuire and Sarah Krajicek-Hunter.

Very capable of winning Emmy’s, Golden Globes, People’s Choices Awards indeed.

Which leads me to a question I want to ask you. Was there a tv show that you absolutely adored that only lasted one mere season, or even a handful of episodes? Any tv show that you can think of that deserved a second chance and could have swept the award shows?


4 thoughts on “Cheers and Second Chances

  1. granolagirl33

    Hi Steph!….I like your blog!…I think you’re an impeccable writer as well!….I have never even heard of “Trust Me.”…I’m not a huge movie/tv buff like you, but I’m gonna think of a short-lived tv show that I wish had survived…to be continued….

  2. Jenny

    Why are you not writing for a magazine? You are such a good writer! For me, that show would be My Boys. Loved it and it only lasted a few seasons.

    1. stephinthescreentime Post author

      Oh my gosh!! Thanks Jenny. That’s one of the best compliments I have ever gotten. I completely agree with you about My Boys! Such a good, funny show. It should have lasted so many more years!


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