The Liebster Award!!


I got a huge and wonderful surprise last night and I have been on cloud nine all day. Stephinthescreentime got nominated for a Liebster Award! I have only had my blog since Valentine’s Day and to know that people are reading this-feels fabulous. I have to give a big shout out to for nominating me. Thank you so much! Please stop by her blog and read it as well.

Liebster means “favorite” in German so this is a favorite blog award. This is given to new and up coming bloggers. It is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here are the Liebster Award rules: “When nominated, the blogger must list eleven facts about his or herself, answer questions given by the nominator, and think of eleven questions for the bloggers he/she nominates.

Eleven Facts About Stephinthescreentime

1. I have a chihuahua named DeeDee I inherited from my grandmother after she passed away.

2. Twins run in my family.

3. I try to read every single day.

4. Mad Men is my favorite TV show.

5. I love exercising on my Wii Fit Plus.

6. I love big cities.

7. I hate pop/soda.

8. I don’t drink alcohol.

9. I love to travel.

10. I have big feet.

11. I love to write.

Questions from My Fabulous Frugal Life Blog

1. Why do you blog? I started following Mara Wilson’s Blog, called Mara Wilson Writes Stuff, on Facebook. I thought to myself, I want to do that. I love to write and it would be so much fun. Her blog is also so fun to read.

2. What is the last book you read? Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic and Baby.

3. What is the last item you purchased? I got gas for my car yesterday. Lower the gas prices darn it!!

4. What is the last meal/food you prepared? I made frozen pizza today. I heated it up in the microwave. Woot woot!

5. Where do you find home decorating items/inspiration? Pinterest of course!

6. What do you love? My friends and family.

7. What’s something you know you do differently than most people? I don’t drink pop.

8. What would you do if you won $1 million? I would quit my second job and get another job in NYC and move there.

9. What is your guilty pleasure? I love to snuggle with my dog at night, read a book, and watch something on Netflix. At the same time.:)

10. What is your favorite store and why? At the moment The Gap Outlet. It’s my type of style of clothes and they are super cheap.

11. What are you grateful for? My family and my friends. They are such a blessing.

Stephinthescreentime’s Liebster Award Nominees







Questions for the Nominees

1. What is your favorite thing to do?

2. What is your favorite movie?

3. What is your favorite tv show?

4. Have you ever been out of your home country?

5. Where do you go on your vacation?

6. What’s your profession?

7. What’s your favorite word?

8. What’s your least favorite word?

9. What’s your favorite sound?

10. Do you have any pets? What are they?

11. Do you cook? What is your specialty?


10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!!

  1. Fashion Mayann

    Congratulations for your nomination ! Although I have never followed the rules of awards because of the editorial guideline I have decided to follow on (no posts about myself), being nominated is always a very exciting feeling, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart ! Although you won’t find a post about this award on my blog, I wanted to answer your questions in this comment as a huge thank you for being nominated. So, here we go :
    1. Watching shows on Fashion TV, listening to rock music and reading “Vogue Paris”. 2. Any movie with Christian Bale (right now, “The Dark Knight Rises”). 3 “Sex and the City” forever ! 4. I’ve been in Italy and Great Britain (I live in Marseille, France). 5. I like staying in Marseille. 6. Fashion documentalist. 7. “Fashion”. 8. Any rude word. 9. Any Manic Street Preachers’ and Strokes’ song ! 10. No pets (I’m allergic to them !). 11. Can’t cook at all but I love people who cook chocolate desserts for me !
    I just had a lovely time answering your questions, so, once again, thank you for nominating me, and keep on the good work on your blog ! XOXO

    1. stephinthescreentime Post author

      That’s a really sweet reply.:) Thanks for answering my questions. Sex and the City is one of my favorite tv shows too! I used to watch it everyday. I was wondering why you didn’t have any awards.:). Your blog is really neat.:)

  2. tmvikholt

    I try NOT to read every day, haha! Just because I can’t put a book down when I start reading it. If I read before bed I suddenly end up losing a couple hours of sleep πŸ˜› (But I still do it.)


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