What Anne of Green Gables Taught Me

I hope all of you that adore Anne of Green Gables enjoy my list.:). If you have never seen the movies go to your nearest Blockbuster or library and watch them right away.

1. If ever a cute school boy named Gilbert Blythe calls you “carrots” in your one room school house, fear not. You will fall madly in love with him in a few years and bear his children.

2. Whatever you do, do not trust the lady on the side of the road. The ingredients she gives you will most certainly not dye your hair a beautiful raven black, but a yucky green instead!

3. Do not walk on top of a roof even if you are dared by Josie Pye. You will only end up falling to the ground and hurting your ankle. Diana Barry will have to help you walk back through the woods and the both of you will get freaked out by telling each other scary stories. She will go get help but you will faint because you are so scared.

4. Never ever mistake Homemade Currant Wine for Raspberry Cordial when inviting your bosom friend over for tea. Your bosom friend could get sick and her mother might get mad at you thinking you meant to give her the wine. You would then have to impress her by saving Minnie May’s life.

5. Don’t mix up Dolly the cow with Mrs. Rachel Lynde’s cow. You will have a heck of a time trying to chase down the wrong cow and you and your bosom friend will end up falling in the mud. And Gilbert Blythe and his father will see you! So obviously it isn’t good for anyone….

6. And for pity sakes, if you do end up chasing the cow in the mud, do not, I repeat do not wear a beautiful white dress. Mud doesn’t come out of beautiful white dresses very well.

7. Never ever bring a parcel to class. If you are a bad student who misbehaves, your teacher might make you throw it into the stove. There would be fireworks in the classroom and it would be pure chaos.

8. Do not waste your time with older men. Specifically, older rich men with a daughter named Emmeline. You will only end up disappointing the poor man and hurting his knee on a cold snowy night. You belong with Gilbert anyways….

9. In due time, you will be quite thankful we live in a world full of Octobers.

10. Lastly, throughout all your struggles, you will realize it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.

What do you think of the movies or books?


9 thoughts on “What Anne of Green Gables Taught Me

  1. CatherineTs

    After reading this, I feel the need to watch them again immediately (even the third one baha)!! Though i should possibly consider investing in the DVD version, rather than VHS…

    1. stephinthescreentime Post author

      They are so good! It took me a while to like the third one. I just don’t think the chemistry is all there between the actors for the third movie. But it’s still good. I would definitely invest in the DVDs.:)


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