Do You Hear The People Sing?

The first time I ever heard of Les Mis, I was a freshman in high school.

“We are going to play Les Mis music for the spring concert,” my Orchestra teacher remarked. I remember looking down at my violin and thinking, “what in the world is Les Mis music?”


So we got the music and practiced and practiced. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t like it at all. I thought the music was rather odd in my opinion and not very pretty. (Seriously, what the heck was I thinking???)

For our performance, we played in a huge gym. We finished playing and I put up my violin and went to go find my parents’. I then got stopped by a mother of a boy who was in the concert. She told me she just adored the music of Les Mis we were playing and that it was so beautiful!

I thought to myself, hmmm, I guess it is kinda pretty. The next year I ended up buying the soundtrack to the broadway musical, (side note: this was pre Les Mis 2012. You know, the movie with Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, etc….)

I all at once, fell in love with the beautiful music and could not believe I had not liked the music the year before. I listened to it a lot then and listen to it a lot now. It makes my ears very happy….

If you have only ever heard the movie soundtrack to Les Mis I encourage you to listen to the broadway version! It’s just as amazing if not better.

When is the first time you heard the Les Mis music? Have you seen the broadway show? What did you think of the movie?


6 thoughts on “Do You Hear The People Sing?

  1. Samantha

    Loved the Les Mis 2012 movie, but I haven’t gotten a chance to see a Broadway rendition. It’s on my list of things to see, that and Wicked. I can imagine the Broadway show is fabulous just from the sheer talent of the singers. I mean, the 2012 cast did a great job, but the majority of them aren’t trained singers. Actually, I found it kind of obnoxious that none of the award shows acknowledged Samantha Barks as Eponine. She was fantastic! She deserved some of the praise.

    1. stephinthescreentime Post author

      I completely agree about Samantha Barks. What were they thinking not recognizing her?? I’ve seen both Les Mis and Wicked on stage! Both are amazing. Although, I did love Wicked better. But I recommend both.:)

  2. CatherineTs

    Eeee my favorite musical of all time – have seen it 3 times on stage (once with Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers as Marius…?!) I even tried to read the book once when i was younger…let’s just say i was overambitious

  3. mandiejenson

    I hadn’t ever listened to Les Mis until I was in the show! I did it in 2008 in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I somehow missed the Les Mis boat in high school. Once I did the show I was in love. I want to do it again!!


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