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Could Seth Rogen Be The One That Got Away?

I am still racking my brain on how I missed watching The Mindy Project. I mean, it is on after New Girl and I have been watching a lot of New Girl lately. Especially since I heard about that little something something between Nick and Jess. (The kiss of course!)

However, I did watch my first episode last Tuesday and needless to say, it did not disappoint. The writing is funny and playful and the show is so much fun to watch! I fell in love with all the characters and the way the stories just flow.

The name of the episode I got to watch says it all. It is entitled: The One That Got Away.

Sadly, we’ve all been there I think. Me included.

In this episode, Mindy, played by none other than Mindy Kaling, has a long lost friend, Sam, suddenly appear in her life again. Sam, played by Seth Rogen, is only in town for a very short time. He is in the army and has to go back to Afghanistan the following day. They go out to dinner, have a fabulous time, and go their separate ways.

Out of nowhere, Mindy realizes she is head over heels for him and goes to find him at the nearest tattoo parlor. After the third one, she finally finds him.
(Hmmm, perhaps I should go to the nearest tattoo parlor to find a man?). One thing leads to another and they end up seeing a Nora Ephron double feature together. (Definitely, my type of date.)

They eventually end up at Mindy’s apartment and Sam some how manages to fall out the window. I mean, don’t you hate it when that happens? Especially on a first date?
Mindy rushes him to the hospital where she is employed at, and gets him checked out.

Later on, she is called into surgery. When it is finally over with, there is no Sam to be found. But she does find a sweet little note from him telling her if he were to say goodbye, they would both be crying, which would not be good for anyone.

Sweet Sam also stated, “All these nothings have met more to me than so many somethings,” playfully quoting the Nora Ephron movie they saw together called You’ve Got Mail.

Sam seems like a good guy. Definitely would be the one that got away from Mindy….,

I will definitely be watching The Mindy Project again and I encourage anyone who is reading this blog to watch it as well.

Has anyone else seen this show? What do you think about it?