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A Pioneer and Really Yummy Food


Frozen Pizza, frozen lasagna, frozen alfredo, fruit, vegetables, carrots, and so on.

What do these things have in common? This is my daily lunch menu. And I’m pretty darn sure you are absolutely blown away by my variety of foods I’ve chosen for my diet.

However, I can make shortbread and meltaway cookies. (I like to mix it up a little).

Shortbread and Meltaway cookies are pretty easy and quick to make. They each have about 5 step directions, for I am a very busy girl and don’t really have all that much time to cook or bake.

I do have time to watch tv though! Surprised? Thought so.

One of the shows I have recently started watching is Pioneer Woman. (Sigh, thanks mom).

Now, I usually do not watch any tv show about food. (Well, ok. I do watch Rachael Ray. But she has celebrities on her show and it’s pretty fun to watch on a day off from work when your nose is runny and you feel like poo).

Pioneer Woman is unlike any other food show. It brings out my inner most thoughts and dreams of living on a farm and owning horses that, sadly, I will most likely never have. But it’s pretty fun watching her and her family ride horses, cook all the yummy food in her really big, huge, amazing house, (which by the way, she owns another house, which I’m sure is just as really big, huge, and amazing.). Ahhhh, the joys of being a famous cook on tv.

Do you ever cook? What is your specialty or favorite dessert to eat ?