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Guest Blogging About New Girl

My friend asked if she could write something about New Girl on my blog. I told her, “yes” very quickly. She is such a good writer. So Talia, your wish is my command…..:)


Hello readers of stephinthescreentime. Thank you for having me today. I imagine myself on a big stage in front of all of you preparing to read off a speech I had planned….and totally freaking out. I guess it’s good that all I have to do is type on this here marvel of modern technology. And it’s a good thing too, because I have something very important to say.


You know of the hit TV show New Girl? Okay, I need to correct that….in a whispered tone, “I love Nick Miller.”

There, now maybe my husband won’t be so upset.

Okay, so I was checking my Facebook today when I came across a post from the New Girl Facebook site that asked “Would you use Nick’s ‘nicely vintage’ porta potty?” I must say my instant reaction was one that I had to pray forgiveness for and I found myself realizing what a great character Nick is.

More than anything, the world roots for an underdog. Don’t get me wrong, us women and -gay men- want a hot guy. I was lucky enough to find one so I won’t be trading in. But that doesn’t keep me from preferring the television and movie stars I watch to be steamy. Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson, isn’t a guy that would stand out from a crowded bar scene. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t know who he was and you saw him on the street, you may even speed up a bit wondering if he’s a sordid character. His disheveled appearance mixed with his slightly gruff personality, resembles the guy asking for money on the street at times. Luckily, we get to have more insight into his character.

Take the pilot episode for example. Thinking back to when I first started watching this show, I don’t remember thinking that Nick and Jess were bound to be an item instantaneously. I remember the idea sneaking up on me. But now that I go back and rewatch some of the episodes (especially the Pilot), I worry I may be clueless. From the very first episode, Nick Miller was a man of impeachable, but still weird, character. He stood up for Jess against her ex-boyfriend, left the girl he was hung up on to rescue Jess from being stood up on her first date after being dumped, and then to top things off, he started the “Time of my Life” serenade in the middle of the fancy restaurant. Even in the pilot episode he was protective and made grand gestures that no real man would ever do. I guess it’s a good thing he’s a television character then, huh?

So, to answer the question asked by New Girl, yes, I probably would use Nick’s porta potty; because like Jess, I’ve fallen under Nick Miller’s spell.

What do you think of Nick and Jess as a couple? Do you think the smooch ruined their relationship for good?