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Do You Hear The People Sing?

The first time I ever heard of Les Mis, I was a freshman in high school.

“We are going to play Les Mis music for the spring concert,” my Orchestra teacher remarked. I remember looking down at my violin and thinking, “what in the world is Les Mis music?”


So we got the music and practiced and practiced. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t like it at all. I thought the music was rather odd in my opinion and not very pretty. (Seriously, what the heck was I thinking???)

For our performance, we played in a huge gym. We finished playing and I put up my violin and went to go find my parents’. I then got stopped by a mother of a boy who was in the concert. She told me she just adored the music of Les Mis we were playing and that it was so beautiful!

I thought to myself, hmmm, I guess it is kinda pretty. The next year I ended up buying the soundtrack to the broadway musical, (side note: this was pre Les Mis 2012. You know, the movie with Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, etc….)

I all at once, fell in love with the beautiful music and could not believe I had not liked the music the year before. I listened to it a lot then and listen to it a lot now. It makes my ears very happy….

If you have only ever heard the movie soundtrack to Les Mis I encourage you to listen to the broadway version! It’s just as amazing if not better.

When is the first time you heard the Les Mis music? Have you seen the broadway show? What did you think of the movie?


Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate and Tear Jerkers

Happy Oscar Day everyone!! I’m so excited to watch the awards ceremony tonight. Really looking forward to it.

I wrote a blog entry not too long ago about The Polar Express. Even though it is a Christmas movie, I feel like it is more than appropriate now to share it with you all.

For one reason, it was nominated for an Oscar for the song Believe, sung by Josh Groban. Secondly, it does take place in the winter time and it is winter in this part of the world. And last, I watch Christmas movies all year long!

So it all works out!

Hope you enjoy!

You know the drill. You’re watching a really sad movie with all your friends or perhaps your family. All of a sudden, your eyes get droopy and heavy. You make sure not to look over at your friends because if they see you crying, it would be embarrassing. You keep thinking to yourself, I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry. Your fingers get all wet from wiping the salty tears away. You start sniffling. It’s happened. There’s no turning back. You’re flat out crying.

How many times has this happened to you? To be completely honest with you all, it doesn’t happen all that much to me. Well, ok. I guess I should come clean. It happens more than I’m letting on. Les Mis, My Girl, The Descendants, and of course, Steel Magnolias. These movies (and quite a few more) make me a weepy mess.

But there’s one movie in particular that I watch at Christmastime. And it gets me. Oh, it gets me everytime. This movie is The Polar Express. Now, I do realize this is a children’s movie and may not count as a tear jerker. But whenever it is on television, I do always find myself searching for the nearest kleenex because the tears can’t seem to stop running.

Discussion after discussion with friends and family has led me to believe that many many people have the same reaction. So clearly, I am not alone.

But have you ever wondered why it makes people (including me) so emotional? Why do the tears start flowing everytime?

Perhaps one theory is that the fun loving innocence we had as a child, seems to have disappeared. Or that we only wish we were young enough to hear that beautiful silver bell that only certain children can hear. Maybe it’s the mixture of the music and beautiful artistry.

At any rate, are there any movies that make you so sad that you need to reach for the nearest kleenex? As always, I can’t wait to hear!

What Are Your Picks For Oscar Night 2013?

Oh, how I love the Oscars! I am such a fan. In fact, as a little girl, I used to envision of going to LA to actually attend the awards and winning best actress. I would practice my acceptance speech, remembering to thank my parents, grandparents, and all my friends.

I even have that same dream now as an adult. Only, this time, I would be winning best screenplay writer.

And of course, there was that other dream of mine. If that whole screenwriting thing did not work out, I could still be a seat filler. (Hey, there is a reason why they are called dreams!) Perhaps some day tho….

But enough chit chat about my little Oscar dreams. Onto more important questions. With the Academy Awards coming up in a week or so, I ask you this. Who do you think the winners will be? Here is a refresher for some of the nominees:

Best Movie
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty
Les Miserables
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Best Actress
Jennifer Lawrence: Silver Linings Playbook
Naomi Watts: The Impossible
Emmanuelle Riva: Armour
Quevenzhane Wallis: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Jessica Chastain: Zero Dark Thirty

Best Actor
Bradley Cooper: Silver Linings Playbook
Daniel Day Lewis: Lincoln
Hugh Jackman: Les Miserables
Joaquin Phoenix: The Master
Denzel Washington: Flight

Best Supporting Actress
Anne Hathaway: Les Miserables
Sally Field: Lincoln
Helen Hunt: The Sessions
Amy Adams: The Master
Jacki Weaver: Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor
Robert De Niro: Silver Linings Playbook
Tommy Lee Jones: Lincoln
Christopher Waltz: Django Unchained
Phillip Seymour Hoffman: The Master
Alan Arkin: Argo

Best Director
Michael Haneke: Armour
Ang Lee: Life of Pi
David O. Russell: Silver Linings Playbook
Steven Spielberg: Lincoln
Benh Zeitlin: Beasts of the Southern Wild

I am eager to hear your choices!