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Jurassic Park in 3D and Many Memories


The fact that Jurassic Park (1993) is coming out in theaters once again for its 20th anniversary in April in 3D, thrills me to my very fingertips. (Insert excited yelp here. Yapowza!!!)

Everyone I knew was just aching to see this movie when it first came out in the theaters, including my family. (Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of dinosaurs get lose from the dinosaur compound and try to eat people?)

Me, however? I was curious about it but I remember thinking to myself, I’ll go but I know if I see it I’m going to get very scared and have nightmares for weeks, as young girls do at times.

We ended up seeing it of course, and I reluctantly decided to go. Surprisingly, I ended up loving it and it became one of my favorite movies. And I was also nightmare free….

Getting it on VHS for Christmas that year, (yes, I’m that old), was very exciting for a young girl. I quickly began to love the character Lex and started quoting all her lines from the movie.

“Are we going to hit that?”
“I’m a hacker.”
“I am not a computer nerd I prefer to be called a hacker.”
“He left us! He left us!!”
Oh, the fun I had….

Oh, and this is good! I would actually practice making the same facial expressions just as Lex did pretending to run away from the invisible dinosaurs that were chasing me!

My sister would get quite amused at me and would proceed to say, “Stop trying to act like Ariana Richards!” Sigh. I guess she didn’t understand my little acting dreams.

Ah, those were the days….

Who’s going to see Jurassic Park in the movie theater? If you are reluctant to see it, just remember, it is a Steven Spielberg flick. So the movie will be well made. And if that doesn’t help your decision, the soundtrack is so beautiful! Happy movie watching!